Notes for Dog Owners

by Kate L 11th December 2015

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Dog Licences


Dog owners are required to buy a licence for every dog they own from their parish of residence by 31st of January. The tax is paid annually at a rate of £10 and due for all dogs over the age of 6 months, except those for hearing or guidance. For puppies that are younger, or those not previously licenced on the island, after 1st July a reduced rate applies.

These licences are not transferable and, in the event that a dog be given or sold, the owner is obliged to purchase a new licence. While new licences are not required should you move to a new parish it is recommended that you notify the respective parish offices of your move. Failure to comply with the tax could incur a £500 fine.


Control of Dogs in Public Places


Dog owners are also obliged to be aware of their responsibilities for the control of their dogs, broadly as follows:


  • Dog owners should pay careful attention to where they must not allow their dogs, or where dogs must be kept on leash, or under close control (e.g. children's play areas, quays and jetties, sports fields and bathing areas/beaches and La Vallette.


  • Dogs are not allowed on some beaches between 1st May and 30th September (See below)


  • Owners are responsible for clearing up after their dog and disposing of their waste appropriately.

Beach Restrictions for Dogs


From the 1st May to 30th September inclusive dogs are not allowed on the following beaches; L'Ancresse/Pembroke Petit Bot, Port Soif, L'Erée, Fermain, Vazon, Cobo, Herm's Shell Beach, Belvoir Bay, Fisherman's Beach, and the beach in front of the White House Hotel to the Herm Harbour Jetty.

There is also a voluntary ban for the Richmond (southern) end of Vazon throughout the year to protect wading birds who feed in the area. Wading birds are being monitored by the Environment Department with La Société Guernesiaise and RSPB Guernsey.

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