Guernsey Government and Parish Officials

by Kate 14th January 2016

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Guernsey is a British Crown Dependency. This means that the island is not part of the United Kingdom but a possession of The Crown. Thus, the island can self-govern.

The island’s government is called The States of Guernsey, or officially, the States of Deliberation. It handles all matters except foreign affairs and defence. Its members currently include the following

The Bailiff, the presiding officer, or in his absence the Deputy Bailiff, as Deputy Presiding Officer, HM Procureur, who is non-voting member, HM Comptroller, who is also a non-voting member. All of whom are appointed by the Crown

There are 45 People’s Deputies, who are elected every four years. The next election will be in May 2016 and in this States the number of Deputy seats will be reduced to 38.

The Guernsey States also includes 2 States of Alderney representatives (from the 10 members of the States of Alderney who are voted for by the island electorate).

The States of Deliberation elect a Chief Minister who acts as chairman of the Policy Council which made up of the Deputies, called 'Ministers', who themselves chair several different administrative committees (currently 10), called 'Departments'. The current Ministers and their roles are;

  • Chief Minister – Paul Le Tocq
  • Deputy Kevin Stewart - Commerce and Employment
  • Culture and Leisure – Michael O’hara
  • Education – Robert Sillars
  • Environment – Yvonne Burford
  • Health and Social Services – Paul Luxon
  • Home - Peter Gillson
  • Housing – David Jones
  • Public Services – Scott Ogier
  • Social Security - Allister Langlois
  • Treasury & Resources – Gavin St Pier

While States members are elected to a district, Guernsey’s parishes are administered by a Douzaine or Constables’ Office. These offices have established premises, processes and procedures.

Each committee is made up of twelve members (hence the name!). The parishes of Vale and St Peter Port are two exceptions which have sixteen and twenty douzeniers respectively.

The parish also elects two Constables for each parish, whose job is to deliver and administer the douzeniers decisions.

These officials discuss government proposals and decisions relating to the parish in addition to local matters of administration and Parish Rates at regular parish meetings.

Parish Officials & Deputies


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