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by Kate L 18th September 2015
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After having had the kids all summer, parents are often glad to see them go back to school in September. However, we often forget how difficult the transition is. After lessons inside all day your children are often either bursting with energy when they get back from school or totally exhausted. As a result it is difficult to know what activities to do with them once school is over. Here are a couple of ideas that might just fit the bill! 


Castle Cornet - GurnseyCastle Cornet | Photo Gavin Meek / CC


If your kids are interested in local history, or indeed, if you and the family have never been, why not visit Castle Cornet. Plus, if you are there for the final hour of the day – the castle is usually open from 10am until 5pm – you can “Pop in for one Pound”.


Saumarez ParkSaumarez Park | Photo Paula Funnell / CC


Alternatively, if your children are still bursting with energy, you can pop to one of the many open spaces on the island – from the green spaces of Saumarez Park or Cambridge Park to the many sandy beaches on the island, you are spoiled for choice and you can let then run around to their hearts content, and more often than not, there’s usually a bench or two, or even a beach kiosk you can go to for a seat and a cuppa!


Guernsey Beach Volleyball TournamentGuernsey Volleyball Association Beach Tournament | Photo Guernsey Sports / CC


If however, your children are more interested in group activities, you could enrol them in an after school club or class. For example, Skillset run an active après school club and locally known children’s entertainer Debbie Duport runs a number of dancing and exercise sessions for all ages (including adults, if you feel so inclined!). 


Still unsure what to do with them, then there are several websites that can help! IslandMums is a great website that shares lots of information about what’s happening within both Bailiwicks, the community also organises events plus even has a membership card that can get you discounts at lots of different retailers across the islands. Another handy website is Best of Guernsey, a site which also lists events and some great local offers. Plus, Visit Guernsey has a great site that is worth checking out. Although obviously aimed primarily at tourists, is also teaming with information on local events and things to do, it is also worth keeping your eye on the local paper and an ear to the radio. Some events are occasionally only advertised via mainstream media and, you never know, you might find something that piques the kids interest!


If you aren’t totally exhausted by the thought of keeping your kids entertained, maybe you are inspired to return to education too? There are lots of courses you can choose from - From 1 hour lectures to degree courses and everything else in between – maybe you could do a course while the kids are busy after school? Whatever you choose to do, there is usually an activity for you and the kids to get involved with, just make sure you all enjoy yourself! 

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