Famous Islanders And Famous Visitors

by boss 22nd October 2015

Despite its size many of Guernsey’s residents have gained fame in their respective fields. From artists and musicians to sportsmen and women and everything in between the bailiwick seems to be a melting pot of excellence, some of the most recent/recognisable are identified below.


Carl Hester

Carl Hester by Alex Von Schmidt on flickr | CC


Carl Hester MBE (born in Sark in 1967) – A Dressage Rider who won gold in the 2012 London Olympics.


Roy Dotrice OBE (born 1923) – Actor in theatre, cinema and television, most recently known for his role as Grand Maester Pycelle in Game of Thrones.


Richard Le Flem (born 1942) – Footballer who played for Nottingham Forest FC and England U23.


Michelle Dotrice (born 1948) – Daughter of Roy Dotrice. Actress in theatre, cinema and television, known for her role as Betty Spencer in Some Mother’s Do ‘Ave ‘Em.


Karen Dotrice (born in 1955) – Daughter of Roy Dotrice. Actress in theatre, cinema and television, known for her role as Jane Banks in the film Mary Poppins.


Heather Watson

Heather Watson by Jimmie48 on flickr | CC


Heather Watson (born 1992) – British female number one tennis player.


Sarah Montague – Journalist, nest known for her work with the BBC, in particular The Today Programme.


 Matt Le Tissier (born 1968) – (Retired) Southampton and England Footballer.


Andy Priaulx MBE (born 1973) – Four times touring car race champion.


Lee Merrien (1979) – Middle and long distance athlete, largely specialising in the Marathon, who represented Britain in the 2012 Olympics.


Dawn O’Porter (1979) – Writer and Television Presenter. Born in Scotland but brought up in Guernsey.


John Savident

John Savident by Douglas Rodger on flickrCC


John Savident (born 1938) – Actor in cinema and television, known for his role as Fred Elliott in Coronation St.

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