Dixcart Bay Hotel

Dixcart Hotel Dixcart Valley, Sark, Guernsey, GY9 0SD | Directions
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The Dixcart Bay Hotel is Sark's oldest hotel, originality a 16th century farmhouse and situated above the picturesque Dixcart Bay. The Dixcart Bay Hotel features private terraced gardens and a path through orchards and woodlands to Dixcart Bay below.This Dixcart Bay Hotel is next to the Dixcart Inn that gives a friendly welcoming to families and children as they dine there.

Dixcart Bay Hotel offers luxury rooms and suites an old-style fashion that will take you back to the days of old Sark. Guests receive complimentary use of the Red Room Snooker Club. 

Dixcart Bay Hotels entertain Freedom Dining, meanning that guests with dinner packages can choose to eat at any of the Sark sister hotels. Don't rush to come back to your hotel, you will be welcomed by any of the other 4 located in Sark.