VisitGuernsey 2011 DVD: A Unique Environment

by YabstaVideo 00:01:57
Guernsey's environment will reinvigorate your senses: savour the scent of cool, wooded valleys, or the sight of a sunset, mirrored in the Atlantic Ocean. Soak up the sound of waves lapping on old granite landing steps, or the tingle of salt on your skin after a long day on the beach. With their age-old recipe of clean sea, fresh air and clear light, the islands are the ultimate, natural antidote to stress. Over 100 miles of coastline is the setting for sandy beaches and dunes, secret coves and rock pools, rugged harbours and endless, beautiful cliff walks. Inland, each island has a country heart that beats to the rhythm of the seasons. Sleepy lanes, private gardens, nature reserves and migrating birds are just some of the natural treasures waiting to be discovered and, with 449 flowering plants recorded in January alone, the islands are in bloom all year round.
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