Getting about on Motorcycles and Bicycles in Guernsey

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Guernsey is perfect for getting about on two wheels because of its size, plus there is a growing network of cycle lanes and paths suitable for bikes. Indeed the Ruettes Tranquilles - designated lanes across the Island with a recommended speed limit of 15 mph – make cycling a pleasure.

Ruettes Tranquilles are open to all traffic but give priority to walkers, cyclists and horse-riders and together they form a growing network across the parishes of Vale, Castel, Forest, St Andrews, St Martins, St Sampsons and St Saviours. All Ruettes Tranquilles are signposted.

In addition to the Ruettes Tranquilles, Visit Guernsey has published a leaflet for cyclists detailing 11 designated trails beyond the Ruettes Tranquilles.  This handy leaflet can be picked up from the Guernsey Information Centre or downloaded here.

If you are lucky enough to visit Sark you will find that the island is car free and, as a result, travelling by bike is practically compulsory. It is not compulsory to wear a helmet on Guernsey or Sark, however, it is highly recommended!

Further details of Guernsey’s cycle routes and the various locations of cycle stands can be found of the States of Guernsey website.

Motorcycle and Bicycle Hire

There are a number of companies that hire out Motorbikes, bicycles, scooters etc, including;

  1. Millard and Co Limited - Motorbikes, bicycles, scooters etc.
    01481 720777  |  Website

  2. Adventure Cycles Hire - Trekking, mountain & child bikes etc.
    07781 434797  |  Website

  3. Outdoor Guernsey Cycle Hire
    07881 103692  |  Website

  4. Guernsey Cycle Hire - Hybrid bikes, child bikes, tag-a-longs, child trailers etc.
    07781 192033  |  Website

  5. Sarnia Cycle Hire - Hybrid bikes, mountain and electric bikes, tandems, child bikes, tag-alongs etc.
    07781 236415  |  Website

  6. Bailiwick Bike Hire & Tours - Hybrid and city bikes, tag-a-longs, trailers etc. Cycle tours also available.
    07839 236415 |  Website

  7. A to B Cycles (Sark) - Wide range of cycles for all ages. Also tag-alongs, child seats, tandems and trailers.

Cycle Tours

  1. Outdoor Guernsey – Provides provide cycle tours and arranges cycle hire. Tours cost £35 per person for 3 hours; bespoke tours also available.
    07781 130403 
 |  Website

  2. Donkey’s Days Out Cycle Tours – Guided cycle tours with a silver accredited guide for individuals or small groups.
    07781 433611  |  Website

  3. Guernsey Bicycle Group - Provides free evening Cycle Tours from May to July.

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